Besharam Rang - Electronic music in bollywood !

Besharam rang song released on December 14, 2022, broke all records this year. This song quickly climbed to +50M views in a span of just 4 days! At the time of writing this article, the track managed to gather 56M views. Bollywood has given everyone a surprise with electronic beats and grooves.

The music style is based on the electronic music genre – Brazilian bass style. The main bass used to create the bassline contains a lot of transients and attack which grabs the listener’s attention. The vocals in this track also have played a huge role in bringing life to the track. As the song proceeds, we also get to experience pitch shifts and key changes in the entire track taking the momentum to next level!

This track is full of emotions and is loved by a mass audience. The track has enormous percussions used as fillers. The electronic beats and bassline are very powerful, the vocals are perfect.

The Future is Electronic Music

This entire track has been created using Fl Studio as DAw. Some major softwares such as Play 6, Kontakt 7 might have been used to create the cinematic structure. You can create the same level of music with our Electronic music production course. Considering how well the response is on this track, we might soon get to hear more of this electronic music style in upcoming tracks. Learn to create a track like besharam rang with our electronic music production Fl studio course.

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