Are you looking forward to learn music production like a professional ?

Do you struggle with writing amazing chords and melodies or do you spend a lot of your time figuring out how to begin your song and improve song structure ?.  Learning music production by self can be a hard and dauting task.


At Producernation we enroll and educate more than +100 students each year. We have segmented our course brochure into various modules such as Music teory module, Song structure module, DAW module and much more for easy understanding of the topics. 

Top Reasons you should study at Producernation !

Learn in our state of the art studios

Get expert mentorship and support !

Become a part of our community !

100 % use of analog code-plugins !

Get a course completion certificate.

Unlimited studio access.

Experience the cutting edge hardware and software !
Our Studios are 100% acoustic treated. Learn music production using industry grade studio monitors - Adam Audio, Krk and jbl.
Get Expert Mentorship and Support !
We have a fleet of amazing talented instructors who are always committed to providing you expert support and guidance throughout and after course completion !.
100% use of analog code plugins !
Make your mixes sound brilliant and amazing - Thanks to improved technology in analog emulation and code plugins. Get your hands on industry standard softwares like - Fabfilter , Izotope Ozone 9 , Arturia , Psp audio and Analog obsession !.
Reward yourself with a course completion certificate
Once you succesfully finish off with all the course modules, A certificate of course completion is granted to the student. A professional certificate helps in increasing your chances of getting gigs and job offers .