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" Techno is the medicine of mind "

About Techno Music :

Techno music is one of the fastest growing genre of electronic music.  The main element in Techno music is the groove of the bassline. The music is made with the help of digital/ Analog synthesizers with sometimes percussive elements adding ear candy to the overall track. Techno music is easy to understand simply due to its repetitiveness and not too much of element change happens inside the track. If you’re a new listener to techno music, you may not find it appealing initially but once you start developing a taste for techno music- there is no going back. 

About Techno Artist :

Tushar Talreja is a Lucknow-based Techno artist who spins his music across top nightclubs in the city as well throughout the country. At present, we can confirm he is the best techno artist in Lucknow. Tushar is also an active member of Producernation and works really hard to bring new music and cheer up his audience through his spectacular live performances.

Know your Artist - Tushar Talreja

Tushar Talreja/ Bonzai music hails from Lucknow India, and is a 24 y.o Techno Dj/ Music producer. He started his musical journey with only one aim – to inspire and entertain masses of Millenials in the city of Lucknow who crave some amazing techno tunes.

Ever Since Tushar Talreja stepped into the Techno Dj industry, he has set up a high standard and a benchmark for other Djs and has forced them to improve their music game to compete in the industry. Tushar works extremely hard in order to ensure he brings out the freshest techno beats and music to the audience. Being supported by many top leading Techno Artists such as – One above Music (Yash) there is nothing that can stop these young talented artists to bring out a revolution in the Indian Techno industry.

Tushar has gained massive fame and success in Techno music across the city of Lucknow- credit goes to his amazing music taste and hard work. Already occupied enough, Tushar also has plans to spin his music not only in India but also Internationally. Seeing his progress, we estimate Tushar might leave the country in upcoming years to entertain a greater masses audience based in Europe/ Australia and America, so if you have not attended his live shows yet – do it at the earliest before you miss out!

How to Get in touch with Tushar?

To know more about his upcoming gigs, events, and his lifestyle you can follow him on his official Instagram page – Bonzai music.

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