Kshmr Chain is a revolutionary audio plugin created by excite audio in collaboration with Kshmr.This is the second plugin created by excite audio after lifeline.

About Kshmr Chain :

This unique plugin now gives you the ability to copy/ save your fx into your custom effect racks, you can also copy the fx into a different mixer track without having to go through the whole process again! Kshmr is world’s one of the finest music producer and has always tried to provide more and more value to the community always. He is the mastermind behind some of the very good plugins such as – Kshmr essentials and kshmr vocal chain plugin. The plugin Kshmr chain is also a brilliant plugin created to address the problem of copying the settings of each plugins into a different mixer track.  As far as we know, Ableton has this option already to save your custom fx rack (pardon us we use Fl studio ) , now other daws such as FL studio, Pro tools , Steinberg Cubase, Cockos Reaper 6,Bitwig Studio will be able to benefit hugely with this plugin.

Kshmr chain Price - Introductory offer $29

The best part about all the plugins released by kshmr is that they are affordable and very user friendly. You can get your hands on this amazing plugin at a price of  – $29 from pluginbotique.

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