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What is music production ?

Modern day Music production is the art of creating music with the use of computer. With growing computer technology making music has come a long way from a group of musicians playing, performing and recording together to just a single person in front of computer screen imitating virtual instruments and mixing the whole track.

Is Music Production difficult ?

We have successfully taught and mentored over + 1000 over a course of 8 years !.  Music production is very fun, interesting and easy – if you have passion towards it.

At Producernation, we have made the art of producing music easy by dividing all the essential topics into various modules so you can grasp topic by topic and progress class by class.


Over the course of years we have worked on all the topics that most producers find difficult or struggle to understand. We have a dedicated module on music theory and song structure.  Our course curriculum is simple and lucid to understand.

How to begin ?

The very fist step to begin with music production is finding the perfect DAW. There are many DAWs in the market. Try and get comfortable with the daw . Every DAW is equally good and industry standard. Do not limit yourself to the advices of others. Select the DAW you like the most.


Explore the basic user interface. Try to draw some random notes on the piano roll or the step sequencer.  Try to create your favourite beats by arranging basic kick and snare pattern. At this point you will get more accustomed to using the daw.

Do you feel the curiousity to explore how certain song or sound was made ?

If you are a curious mind. Or love to explore music, fiddle up with random beats or flip samples. Music Production is definitely for you.  At this point you should decide whether you want to be an amateur producer or want to learn the professional skills, work with industry professionals , use professional set of tools and craft a career out of it ?

We help you target your favourite music labels from day one and help you get the right mentoring with our courses. Our trainers quickly analyze your strengths and weaknesses and train you accordingly from the very start.  With experience of years and having taught more than +1000 students our trainers already know what you need even befor you realise.

How does a professional music production course At Producernation Will help me ?

  • Get mentorship through Leading industry mentors.
  • you will learn in a professional studio environment.
  • 100% use of analog-code plugins to simulate unparalleled results !.
    Expert software support by Producernation
  • Get a certificate after course completion.
  • Unlimited Studio access after course completion.
    Just by booking your slot prior
  • Expert support after course completion through active seminars and workshops conducted every month.
  • Get access to our Producernation's community.
  • Max 3 students at a time in class session for focussed learning.
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