Are you Sick and tired of your mixes not translating? Or do you spend a lot of time bouncing mixes between your studio, car, and phone? Start learning about Mixing and mastering. At Producernation, we offer a complete course on Mixing and mastering so at the end of the day you get the desired results you’ve been wishing for months or years. Mastering is of two types: Analog and digital. At Producernation, we make the best use of technology by emulating analog sounds using the best of industry-standard software. Our Mastering course is an extensive study of Fl Studio’s stock Mastering plugins as well as getting command over Izotope’s Ozone plugins, Fab-filter bundle.


Must Have’s for the COURSE

We suggest that the student should have a pair of studio monitoring headphones or studio monitors.

Acoustically treated room environment for best results.

Fl studio music production software.

Access to the Internet.



The number one strategy to get a good mix starts with accurate volume adjustments of elements that your track comprises. If you accurately level the volume of all the elements in your track, you are halfway through the mixing process! In this course, you will learn about Lufs, Rms, Peak levels, decibels, and all the physics involved with sound.


Learn how to craft out unwanted frequencies in your mix and make it better just by using eq. Create space/depth in your mix, learn how to remove unwanted frequencies, learn the art of subtractive eq, mid-side eq, analog vs digital EQs, and much more in this course.


If you do not use compression in your mix, I’ll suggest start using it and hear the difference you’ll make instantly in your mixes. Compression is a very vast topic and without proper knowledge, you will overdo it most of the time unknowingly.  You will learn about Analog compressors, Digital compressors, their types and everything you need to know about compressing your sound perfectly.


Learn how to properly mix vocals in your track. Record/re-arrange and edit your vocals in real-time at our studios. Learn the magic of using auto-tune that you hear in top chartbusters tracks every year. Unleash your full potential through our mixing and mastering course.

Latest Update : Ozone 10 is here !

Izotope Ozone is one of the world’s best mixing and mastering suites created to make mixing and mastering through the computer easy and promising. The product ‘Ozone’ by Izotope has constantly been upgraded throughout these years and today they have launched its 10th version!

Ozone 10 FUTURE OF MASTERING Building on a 17-year legacy, Ozone brings balance into your music with the latest advances in machine learning for audio mastering. The choice of professional mastering studios worldwide, Ozone Pro provides the ultimate polish that makes your music dynamic, colorful and competitive in any genre.
What’s new in Ozone 10
● Stabilizer Module – Create a balanced sound with this new intelligent and adaptive mastering EQ: dynamically shape your mix to a clean, natural tone or tame problematic resonance, remove harshness and smooth out transients for better conversion in a variety of listening environments (advanced users only) .
● Impact Module – Enhance the rhythm and feel of your tracks with this new module by intuitively controlling micro-dynamics: four sliders work across different frequency ranges to breathe life into a mix, add punch and dynamic space, or glue a track together for a tighter sound (Advanced only)
● Improved Master Assistant – Compare your sound to proven reference files or today’s hits with revolutionary new tone, dynamics and width matching technology. An updated assistant view lets you set your starting point faster than ever, and a tonal balance curve makes it easy to measure (included in standard and advanced versions).
● Magnify Soft Clip – Turn up the volume while maintaining high sound quality with this new setting in the Maximizer module (included in standard and advanced versions).
● Recover Sides – Reduce width without losing sides with this new Imager feature that preserves stereo information in mono and helps preserve depth and power while narrowing problematic frequencies (included in Standard and Extended versions).
● And much more, including built-in support for Apple Silicon and a redesigned Ozone interface.