DJ-ing is much more than just being good at mixing. A good Dj has a lot of responsibility both on decks as well as off deck. With our complete dj course, learn how to mix songs professionally, learn the skills of public speaking over mic and addressing your crowd! Spin your music, get gigs, events and much more with Producernationu2019s Complete Dj Course. At Producernation, we impart the highest possible quality of education in the field of Dj-ing. Our Course modules are divided into easy modules to increase efficiency and understanding. From the very first module on how the Dj industry works, to the last module on how to analyze your crowd and your set, this course covers everything you need to know.




If you wish to pursue a career in electronic music It is advisable that you start with Dj-ing as your stepping stone. This will help you get familiar with song structure, genres, elements involved in music production and a part of rhythm ear training.

Dj-ing opens up earning opportunities and at Producernation we guarantee performing opportunities across top nightclubs in India.

What could be better than playing your favorite tracks and enjoying along with your audience – Live the Artistu2019s life!

Networking In the Industry – One strong advantage of learning DJ skills is the benefits of networking. Studying your DJ skills and techniques in a class environment can increase your network of contacts within this industry.


DJ Mentorship At Producernation

Every student has a mentor allotted to cater the needs of the student. The mentor analyses the student’s strengths and weaknesses and works accordingly to bring the best outcome of learning. Our DJ instructors will keep you focused on your DJ skillsu2019 progress. Discipline is the secret sauce to cultivating ALL skill sets and not just DJ-ing. But having a vigilant instructor to confide in keeps DJ students more disciplined than self-taught methods. When it comes to mapping your DJ-ing progress, we can assist you with it professionally and optimize your learning.


Speed up the Learning Process

Process Learning how to become a DJ by yourself can be a long and daunting task. You have to navigate the net to find the correct learning resources for your DJ skill set. Then you need to filter the best learning resources within YouTube videos, forums, etc. On top of that, you need to teach yourself every basic lesson while making sure youu2019re being taught the correct way. You need to research the channels you are watching to make sure theyu2019re qualified to teach you. No one is there to correct your mistakes for you. This means it might take months for you to learn how to do some of the most basic DJ skills on your own. But when you are in a controlled learning environment, a professional DJ instructor can tell you whatu2019s wrong with your technique in a matter of seconds. This is the power of having a teacher to confide in when you feel lost during the learning process. A DJ class taught by an instructor can save you a lot of time, energy, and frustration. That is why taking a DJ class is for serious learners and not for the curious. Another way a DJ class can speed up your personal development as a DJ is through your interpersonal skills. Having an instructor and peers to communicate your craft will keep your social skills sharp. One feature that canu2019t be replicated through self-taught methods. At Producernation, we help speed up the learning process even more with the use of our professional equipment.

Practice with the Best Equipment

Producernation offers best in class industry-standard equipment to ensure the highest standard of Dj Education. Our Complete Dj course is based on learning the Pioneer 1000mk2 player and Djm750 mixer. Industry-standard equipment helps you gain confidence and unimaginable skills in your hands so you can rock on wherever you play your set.