Our Electronic Music Production course will introduce you to one of the best digital audio workstations in the music industry. This course revolves around mastering electronic music production using Fl Studio as the primary DAW. Begin your Music Production course in lucknow at the best music production academy – Producernation. The Initial classes will help you with a walkthrough of the software to help you get familiar with the interface. As the sessions proceed, you will learn comprehensive topics such as Music theory, Song structure, Art of sound selection, basics of Mixing and mastering, and sound design. During the course, our trainers will also constantly share FL Studio remakes of famous artists such as Kshmr, Chainsmokers, Avicci, and many more. This will help you get an idea about the creative approach of other artists towards music production. After finishing off with this course, we are 100% sure you will be able to re-create the music you always have had in your mind. Learning Fl studio music production course made easy at producernation.

 Our course is carefully crafted to provide an industry-standard learning experience. Special attention is paid to crucial topics such as Song structure and Music theory to improve the learning experience. Producernation also offers a scholarship program in case you are already familiar with certain topics of the course, you can get a scholarship discount for the same. Lastly, you also get a lifetime free subscription to all the sample packs, presets, and sound banks which otherwise is paid content on our site. Our latest releases will help you in keeping your music up to date with fresh and unique sounds.

Learn the Best Music Production course in Lucknow.  Start your training now !.



Best Dj and Music Production academy in Lucknow.

The Best DAW- FL Studio

Fl Studio is the world’s fastest growing Daw gathering lakhs of users every year simply due to its easy to use interface and intuitive GUI. At Producernation, we have a dedicated team of experts working on Fl studio for years to train you and help you get better at producing computer music. We have exclusive music production course entirely based on using and understanding FL studio. 

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Best Dj and Music Production academy in Lucknow.
Best Dj and Music Production academy in Lucknow.
Best Dj and Music Production academy in Lucknow.

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Student Reviews

Kushagra Singh


Very happy to be a part of Producernation's community. Their music production course helped me improve my skills a lot!

Kaushiki Yadav

Singer/Song Writer

After a thorough research, i took Producernation's Electronic music production course and I'm glad I did it !. The faculties are super nice and studios are vibrant.

Ashwin Raj


The studio experience at Producernation was great. I got to learn so much with their on-campus course. Must visit Producernation if you wish to start a professional career in music !.

Jay z


From teaching me how to produce to helping me set up my own studio, Producernation provided me expert support and help at every stage. Much Respect !. Thankyou.

Rishabh Rastogi

EDM Producer

Always facinated by creativity involved in electronic music, I decided to invest in professional music course of Producernation along with my 9-5 job. My experience here couldn't be any better ! Kudos to all the mentors.